African Legends Night: Celebrating Ghana 60 Years On through music

African Legends Night: Celebrating Ghana 60 Years On through music

Ghana’s history can’t be celebrated without music. It is often said that before and even colonial days, music was used as a powerful tool of communication that connects to society.

Ghana’s music has experienced many styles from traditional music to Highlife which many believe gave birth to Hiplife. It is believed that the phases in the Ghanaian music scene have been due to the cosmopolitan geographic position of or in the country.

Since 1957 when Ghana gained independence, the best-known modern genre originating in Ghana is Highlife music. For many years, Highlife was the preferred music genre because it easily connects us to our culture and makes us unique in the world of music.

Since independence we have witnessed great musicians whose musical works have transcended outside the shores of Ghana and spread across West Africa and blown through the African terrain.

Our music has come a long way and it is in the right order to celebrate. It is in this regard that African Legends Night event was put together to celebrate music legends that have contributed to the industry in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.

This year’s African Legends Night is special. It perfectly ties into the marking of Ghana’s 6oth anniversary – celebrations of the country’s independence.

In its 6th edition, African Legends Night has played host to great music icons from Ghana as well as other African nations and has over years carved an event niche catered to people who have soft spot for local African music.

Past editions have included headliners; Ivorian Freddy Meiway, South Africa’s Yvonne Chaka Chaka. Hugh Masekela, Nigeria’s Femi Kuti, George Darko, Amakye Dede, Ben Brako, Ghanaian ace Saxophonist Steve Bedi and many others.

There is never a dull moment at this event; some performances have been known to thrill music fans beyond measure. It has been also hailed by industry players as “simply the finest” music event. Every year, African Legends Night entertains over 1,000s of fans with soothing, exciting, danceable African tunes.

“We believe in African talent, and music forms a key part. It is for this reason that we at Global Media Alliance (GMA) celebrate the originality and rhythms from the continent with authentic music. With African Legends Night we honour musicians who have put Africa’s rich culture and heritage in the global space,” said Emma Wenani, Director at GMA, organisers of the event.

There is a lot optimism from organizers. Will the 2017 edition be more than previous years? And which African music legend will headline the show? We all waiting.